Main features of REEBOW Gear EDC Pouch:

  • Rugged Cordura nylon
  • Water-resistant and easy to clean
  • Heavy-duty zippers with drawcords
  • Overall weight: 0.44 pounds
  • Molle attachment system on the back
  • Cell phone holster

Building an EDC kit is a relatively straightforward task, given that the most common EDC essentials are available in most online or land-based stores. However, finding an affordable yet reliable EDC pouch can be tricky because most models in the market are either too bulky or too expensive.

For that reason, we scoured the outdoor gear market to find the best everyday gear organizer. As it turned out, REEBOW GEAR Tactical Molle EDC Pouch is among the best options, providing maximum convenience and excellent durability. So, we put it to the test, and after a couple of days of outdoor adventures, here’s what we learned.

How to find the Best EDC Pouch?

If you are serious about personal safety, carrying around items like a pocket knife, a multitool, or a flashlight is necessary. After all, even the most basic EDC kits can save lives, and that’s why it’s vital to look for the optimal way of having them by your side at all times.

In other words, you need a high-quality EDC gear organizer. To separate the best from the rest, consider the following aspects:

– Ease of Use

Arguably, functionality is the crucial element of any everyday carry bag. In translation, you need to access the tools and essentials with no hassle. So, the best EDC pouches come equipped with sturdy zippers and lots of easy-to-access compartments. Also, attaching the pouch to a belt, bug-out bag, or jacket enhances usability, so check if the model comes with a MOLLE attachment system.

– Materials

As we all know, outdoor gear must survive plenty of wear and tear, and the same applies to EDC pouches. In most cases, you’ll find heavy-duty Cordura nylon with water-resistant properties. Plus, many modern outdoor gear organizers come with recycled nylon canvases or see-through mesh. Either way, check if the fabrics are sturdy, flexible, and easy to clean.

– Price

Finally, we should also mention the importance of price when looking for the best EDC gear holder. Of course, premium pouches will cost the most, but you should always check if they offer the best value for money. In other words, the key is in finding the balance between usability, durability, and price.

Durable Fabrics

Now it’s time to look at the essential features of the cool-looking REEBOW GEAR Tactical Molle EDC Pouch. Even though many Chinese outdoor bags don’t always meet the highest quality standards, this model might surprise you.

Namely, REEBOW GEAR opted for wear-resistant 1000D Cordura nylon. As you probably know, this material offers excellent properties because it can survive a beating. But, most importantly, Cordura nylon is water-resistant, making this EDC pouch a reliable outdoor companion. For instance, the waterproof fabric will keep your smartphone dry and safe at all times.

Compact and Lightweight

We already mentioned that EDC essentials include various tools and gadgets, so it’s crucial to find a spacious pouch for all those elements. At the same time, the organizer shouldn’t be too bulky because it often stays on your hip. An oversized gear purse would hamper mobility and freedom of movement.

So, you’ll be glad to hear that REEBOW GEAR Tactical EDC Pouch features a compact and well-designed shape. Overall, this handy bag is 7 inches long, with 1.57 inches of thickness. Thus, it will provide enough space for a pocket knife, but it will not hold too much gear to weigh you down when exploring the great outdoors.

MOLLE System

Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment system is the de facto standard in the modern outdoor industry, but many EDC pouches forget to include this element. However, the REEBOW GEAR model is among the best in the market, supporting the famous attachment system.

In essence, having a MOLLE system compatibility means that you can securely snap shut this handy pouch to other elements of your EDC arsenal. To be precise, you can weave the two SlickSticks through treads on your bug-out bags or duffels, securing the pouch and keeping it within reach constantly.

Usability and Practicality

Speaking of attachments, we should also mention that REEBOW GEAR Tactical Molle EDC Pouch also comes with a carabiner clasp near the top. Hence, you can attach this compact organizer to waist belts or rope lines in your tent. Everything about this pouch oozes functionality, and there’s no end to the range of options offered by the REEBOW GEAR EDC bag.

For instance, this model has dual interior storage areas, alongside a tactical EDC holster for smartphones. So, you can separate the essentials and organize your everyday kit in the best way possible. Likewise, the cell phone holster supports a vast selection of phones, but you can also use it to store portable GPS devices or power banks.

Affordable Price

Believe it or not, you can have this top-quality pouch for $12.99, which is a steal. From what we’ve seen, you get a lot for the price, primarily the durable Cordura body and the handy MOLLE attachment system. Likewise, the sturdy zippers and the compact body make this EDC pouch a wise investment for any fisherman, hunter, or weekend warrior.

Should You Buy It?

Overall, the black-colored REEBOW GEAR Tactical Molle EDC Pouch is a solid option for anyone looking for budget-friendly EDC organizers. The affordable price tag is the selling point of this model, but many other features will attract outdoorsy people.

Primarily, the two separate storage areas and a handy cell phone holster are significant elements. Also, we liked the sturdy zippers that work with no problems. Moreover, the string drawcords will allow you to open and close the pouch even while wearing gloves. Best of all, the durable and water-resistant fabric will protect the gear from the elements and extend the lifetime of this EDC pouch.