There are 2 things you should never leave home without…a flashlight and a fidget spinner. The ZEROHOUR REBEL simplifies your everyday carry gear by combining the two. Everyday carry meets everyday fun.

ZEROHOUR REBEL is breaking all the rules! The fidget spinner has two super bright LED click lights and a sleek body designed with multiple grip and touch points for fidgeting. In addition, it contains a ceramic bearing that goes from 0 to 60 in a flick of the finger!

Microlight Gear Operation

Most microlights stick the bulb on the side of the body, functional but clunky. The REBEL has a smooth button housing with a bright white LED just below the surface. Simply click to cycle through Low, Medium, High, and Strobe modes, or click-and-hold to power off. The LED emits a wide beam of light, perfect for illuminating your surrounding area. Need more light? Click the second LED and you’re ready to go.

Set REBEL on a flat surface and it operates like a mini-lantern. It is able to light most rooms. In addition, it keeps you safe during a power outage without draining your phone battery.

The microlights use standard CR1620 batteries, which are easily removable and replaceable. The button lights securely push into the spinner housing; however, you can detach them and use them separately from the spinner. You can even flip the lights so they shine out from each side of REBEL.

Fidgeting Helps You Focus

Fidgeting may actually help us focus. By giving our easily distracted primal brains something to play with, our higher-functions become free to concentrate on the task at hand. So get to fidgeting! With REBEL in your pocket, you can fidget a number of ways. Trace the ridges scored into the top and bottom surfaces, or press the smooth, flat edges that wrap around the microlights. If you’re a clicky fidgeter, give the button lights a couple clicks whenever you have the urge.

The ZEROHOUR is available in three finishes: Matte Black Aluminum, Polished Titanium, or Sandblasted Titanium. For the center spinner, ventilated buttons feature their own tactile grip pattern. The included spinner buttons match your REBEL’s body finish.

Buy - $70.00
ZEROHOUR REBEL: EDC Microlight Flashlight Fidget Spinner Gear ZEROHOUR REBEL: EDC Microlight Flashlight Fidget Spinner Gear ZEROHOUR REBEL: EDC Microlight Flashlight Fidget Spinner Gear