Are Carbon Fiber knives the way of the future? We haven’t been convinced yet, but maybe the Real Carbon Fiber Knife could convince us. With a blade made of pure 3k carbon fiber, it’s one of the few true carbon fiber knives out there – more than just a carbon fiber handle with steel blade. The handle is made of carbon fiber, as well, which makes it resistant to corrosion. And it features a tip-down clip and lanyard hole for easy EDC.

So, what’s a Carbon Fiber Blade good for? Simply carbon fiber warns that the blade strength can’t replace a true hardened steel blade. They also want you to know never to cut through food, as the tiny specks of carbon fiber may be left in the food. Which, needless to say, wouldn’t add a pleasant taste to your food.

For everyday EDC tasks, however, this carbon fiber blade gets it done. Sharpening is wicked easy, too – with a 1500 grit sharpening stone. We’re not really sure what good it is does if you can’t cut food – but it is an ultralight and a cool EDC piece. Sort of a novelty. It does have a cool check pattern.

The blade is 3.25”, overall length is 7.25”, and it weighs only 2.1 ounces. There are worse ways to spend a few bucks.

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