Many coffee aficionados consider pour over the king of coffee making methods. French Press often makes a claim, yes – but pour over makes a lighter and less bitter cup that is less likely to be burnt to ruined. Even if it does have its own variables, like time, temperature and even the pattern in which you pour the water over the grinds. Ratio Eight makes your morning routine easier by doing all that for you.

Ratio Eight is essentially the worlds’ simplest, easier automatic pour over coffee maker. Instead of boiling the water, getting temperature just right and doing the actual pouring yourself – which can take some time – just let Ratio do it. This one-button coffee maker detects how much water you’ve added to the tank and calculates the brew time and method to match. It will then heat the water to precisely 200F – right in the middle of the recommended 195F to 20F usually recommended – and then soak the grounds with an exact Bloom cycle, an essential step in getting all the flavor out without over-extracting. Once the bloom has settled, Ratio Eight then slowly pours the water at the precise speed calculated out of a Fibonacci shower.

The result? A great cup (or entire carafe) of coffee. All you must do is measure the water and coffee grinds to your like, but you can then continue with your morning routine until the cup is ready.

Aside from making a dang good cup of coffee, Ratio Eight is a work of art, too; it’s got a sleek, very minimalist look, uses die-cast aluminum, borosilicate water lines and carafe, and a BPA-free water tank, all hand-assembled. It’s the easiest way to get that pour over from the expensive hipster coffee spot downtown – and the cheapest.

Ratio-Eight-Pour-Over-Coffee-3 Ratio-Eight-Pour-Over-Coffee-4 Ratio-Eight-Pour-Over-Coffee