Rancourt and Company hails from Maine, where they have been handmaking leather shoes since 1967. Like most other Made In America brands, their philosophy is to create the best-quality shoes they can at the price they can afford most. The Dirigo Collection is the epitome of this dedication and craft. Dirigo contains everything from leather loafers to work boots, made with materials from around North America. One of our favorites from this collection is the Dirigo Handsewn Boots, which are classic Redwing-style boots sewn with cowhide, straight from the Tasman Leather Group of Hartland, Maine. The inside is unlined, and the hardware is all brass. The sole is a Vibram 4013 Christy, which gives it both a classic look and serious grip on your feet. Their classic boots for winter, rain and any other situation.

Another shoe worth checking out is the Dirigo Ranger Moc is something between a loafer, moccasin and a chukka; it’s got the usual leather upper of a loafer, with unlined Olive Mohave Seude, that is waterproof and stain resistant. The leather comes from S.B Foot Leather in Red Wing, Minnesota. The sole is a Black Vibram 232 Mini-lug outsole, commonly found on leather work boots that need tough grip and footing on slippery, tough terrain. The leather and soles have both been sourced from overstock, which allows Rancourt and Company to craft and sell the shoes for a fraction of their normal price.

If you’re looking to upgrade your style with premium-quality footwear that’s made in America, without breaking the bank, give Rancourt and Company, and their beautiful Dirigo Collection, a try.

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