No, this isn’t a joke even though it sounds sci-fi. This is a serious grenade laucher built by a 3D printer. The RAMBO is a fully functional 3D-printed grenade launcher. It was dreamed up and built by the U.S. Armament Research Development and Engineering Center, also known as RDECOM.  The barrel and receiver of the Rapid Additively Manufactured Ballistics Ordnance (RAMBO) were printed from aluminum using a special direct metal laser sintering process.

You may ask why is the Army trying to forge their way into the world of weapon printing? According to the military, it is out of a desire to save time and money when prototyping a weapon. It normally can take years to move a weapon from concept to a finished, battle-ready product. Using this 3D printing process, it only took the military 6 months to perfect this weapon. That isn’t all RDECOM is working on. This same weapon has also fired off 3D printed ammunition. While it isn’t quite perfected yet, the team behind the project feels like they’re pretty close to making those 3D-printed bullets and grenades a reality as well.

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3D Printer Grenade Laucher