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Quip Is Probably The Finest Toothbrush Out There

Quip Toothbrush 2

Sure, you could just brush your teeth with your regular, manual, everyday toothbrush, like most of us. Or you could opt for a electric toothbrush with Bluetooth to try and assert your superior oral hygiene. But if you really want to up your brushing game and get the freshest mouth possible, go for Quip, the best-looking, most-versatile toothbrush in existence.

First the basics: looks. Quip is easily the most-attractive toothbrush you’ll find, with a sleek, slim body that earns it the title “sportscar of toothbrushes” – if anyone is handing out that title. You can grab one in plastic or brushed metal, and the design does away with the bulky battery design you see on most traditional electric toothbrushes. It also comes with a wireless suction holder, that sticks to bathroom surfaces (like the mirror), and a slim-fitting travel cover.

Unlike most toothbrushes, which rotate, Quip vibrates, for a softer, less abrasive brushing job. The timer stops it automatically at two minutes. Sign up for the subscription, and you’ll get new bristles and brush heads sent to you every three months, so you don’t have to do the dirty work of actually remembering if brushes need to be changed or not. They even include anticavity mint toothpaste with that.

We still think the looks are the best part of this toothbrush, but those refills sound nice too. Quip runs off a single AAA battery, and starts at $40 for a kit, with refills starting at $10 every three months.

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