Looking for the perfect piece to complete your backyard or patio? The Pyro Fire Tower is just that – a fireplace, grill, smoker and “family heirloom” all rolled into one. Yup, this thing is a majestic piece of 3/16″ thick, American steel, cut with precision into an all-in-one firepit. The entire thing has been hand-oiled with non-toxic and food safe linseed oil in order to keep it from rusting, and it’s guaranteed to last years of wind, rain, hail, and whatever else Mother Nature throws its way; the oil helps the steel age attractively, like fine wine.

Thanks to it’s extra-large size, there is tons of room on the inside to cook whatever food you desire; it comes with grill grates for grilling meats, and meat hanger is built right in to the inside for smoking. Adjustable vents allow for adjusting the airflow in order to control temperature, so you can cook/smoke/barbecue exactly as you like. The doors on the front are removable for when you just want to enjoy a fire, and one has a thermometer for cooking.

Now don’t get us wrong: this thing is huge. It’s going to take a couple people to setup, and once it’s in place, you won’t be moving it anytime soon. But when it comes to enjoying the backyard – no matter the weather – there’s nothing like it, and you can be assured you’ll have the Pyro Fire Tower for decades to come.

Pyro Fire Tower Outdoor Fireplace Features

  • Precision cut from heavy-duty 3/16” American steel
  • Hand-oiled with  food-grade linseed oil to protect against rust and corrosion
  • Built to withstand wind, hail, rain
  • Steel ages naturally
  • Spacious interior for grilling and smoking
  • Adjustable vents for adjusting air flow and controlling temperature
  • Removable front doors
  • Built-in thermometer for cooking
  • Comes in two pieces for easy assembly
  • 42 ⅝” height x 32” width at base
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