Remember Proof? In addition to those great performance dress pants, they also make this awesome Proof Field Jacket, which is, in our opinion, one of the most attractive pieces of performance wear ever designed. It’s cut into the classic appearance of the M-65 field jacket, but with a trimmer, more modern silhouette. And it’s made with a performance blend of 90% polyester and 10% cotton for the outer shell, making it stain and water resistant, which is helpful not only when the sky opens up, but also when someone trips over at the bar or you spill that cup of coffee on the way to work.

Inside is PrimaLoft® Silver 80g insulation, which provides a layer of warmth during the chilly months. Proof used Primaloft Silver not only because of its insulating properties and ability to stay warm when wet, but also because of its backstory it was created for the Army, who wanted a synthetic alternative to down that was water-resistant. It’s thus the perfect choice for a jacket that combines modern performance with military heritage.

The Proof Field Jacket has a 5-pocket design, all of which can be accessed without ever opening the zipper. The two front field pockets on the front contain two hidden hand pockets for keeping warm. Matte black metal snaps and YKK zippers complete the ensemble.

A cool feature they’ve introduced is a zipper that stops right under your navel, which allows you open the jacket, breathe, and move freely, without it flopping around out of control.

The Field Jacket comes in Dark Navy – similar to a peacoat – and makes you look like a boss, while repelling light rain and keeping the chill out. Good for light winter weather and protection from the shoulder seasons. What else could you ask for?

Proof-Field-Jacket-Collar-1 Proof-Field-Jacket-Collar-2 Proof-Field-Jacket-Collar-3 Proof-Field-Jacket-Collar-4 Proof-Field-Jacket-Collar-5 Proof-Field-Jacket-Collar-6