We live in a stressed out world that needs more laughs. Any pranksters out there? Want to liven up your workplace? Apply Voice and Motion Activated Prank Stickers on the copy machine, coffee maker, refrigerator door, paper dispenser, water fountain, etc. then you have a viral video for You Tube. What about throughout the dorm? On the toilet? This 50-pack of stickers is sure to give you loads of laughs.

Think of the possibilities for these stickers. Just get ready for a lot of screaming, waving, and jumping as your friends will be sure to use their yelling voices and wailing bodies in an effort to get that cup of coffee!

The 50-pack of stickers includes 25 voice activated stickers and 25 motion activated stickers. Sticker size: 2.3 x 2 x 0.8 inches.

So why wait for your vacation time for laughing and relaxation? Enjoy the fun as you create more laughter in your everyday life with these prankster stickers.

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