Perhaps owning a Porsche itself isn’t enough for you. You want everything you own to be Porsche, such as your jacket, watch, or bag. That’s why Porsche Design exists; so you can show off your Porsche love wherever you are. And if you’re looking for a new weekender bag at the same time, the Porsche Design Carbon Weekender will fulfill both needs.

As the name suggests, the Carbon Weekender is made from real carbon fiber. Yes, the same stuff your Porsche itself is (partially) made from. Which is why it pretty much weighs nothing, letting you stuff it with your clothes and belongings and lug those around, instead of a heavy bag. It’s trimmed with Nappa leather, giving it a classy look. There’s a large zipper opening on top, that can actually be attached to the sides of the bag to keep it open, via snap buttons. The grab handles up top make it dead easy to carry and maneuver.

The Carbon Weekender is sleek, modern and stylish; exactly what you would expect from Porsche. It’s ultra-light, and the perfect companion for quick weekend jaunts in the back of the car, and short haul flights where space is tight. Is it worth the ~$1730? (Apparently, Porsche Design does not make “affordable” items”) If you can afford it and already drive a Porsche – or are looking at getting one – why not? How many other bags are actually made of carbon fiber? With that kind of construction quality, it’ll last you years to come and look downright cool and decidedly modern at the same time.

Porsche Design Carbon Weekender

  • Ultra-light, carbon fiber construction
  • Nappa leather trim
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Open top zipper can be kept open with snap buttons
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