What’s to like about POC Omne Eternal Bike Helmet:

  • Powered by Powerfoyle technology
  • Self-charging rear light
  • Stealthy and sleek design
  • Maximum breathability and ventilation
  • Advanced impact protection
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Bike helmets are a must-have, and there’s no discussion whether you should wear one. But what we can talk about are the designs and build quality, given that various manufacturers provide different bike-riding headgear.

Well, that’s also the reason why we decided to boldly go where no one has gone before. Or, at least, few had the chance of using the revolutionary POC Omne Eternal Bike Helmet.

Since it was designed to leave an impression, this product deserves a few minutes of your reading time as well. Here’s why.

A Solar-Powered System

POC advertises its product as the first of its kind, which could be a topic for debate. Even so, it’s clear that POC Omne Eternal is not your everyday helmet. Of course, the primary reason hides in the innovative light-harvesting technology.

The so-called Powerfoyle system comprises three solar panels on the top of the helmet. As expected, these elements soak up the sun’s energy and convert it into power. As we all know, solar power is the cleanest form of energy on the planet. Thus, Omne Eternal is an eco-friendly helmet as well. Solar panels store the power used by the automatic light on the back.

Eye-Catching Aesthetics

Arguably, POC Omne Eternal is among the best-looking MTB helmets on the market. The sculpted channels provide it with an aggressive and dynamic appearance. On the other hand, these elements also help with ventilation, which we will explain shortly.

Either way, the slim profile makes the helmet compact and stylish, reducing drag and boosting the points for aerodynamics. But, of course, when looked from the rear, the automatic light dominates and sheds more than enough light at all times.

Top-Drawer Usability and Comfort

A dependable bike helmet can be a lifesaver, literally. But if the helmet is uncomfortable or comes with complicated straps, you’ll probably leave it at home more often than not. That’s why it’s essential to buy a well-designed MTB helmet with sufficient ventilation and ample impact protection.

POC Omne Eternal meets those criteria with ease because it features ten ventilation openings for advanced cooling. Moreover, with an overall weight of 330 gr., this model is within the industry standard, given that it carries solar panels and rear light. Yet, the optimized EPS liner offers maximum impact absorption. We should also mention the easy-fit system, allowing you to adjust the straps within seconds and catch up with your bike-riding friends or loved ones.

Should You Buy It?

What could be better than a cool-looking helmet with a rear light without cables or on/off switches? Believe it or not, POC Omne Eternal turns on the light automatically as soon as you put the helmet on the head.

So, if you love spending time on your two-wheeled steed, an investment in a top-quality helmet such as Omne Eternal is a must.