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The Plum Wine Preserver is a Must-Have for the Wine Connoisseur

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Unlike spirits, which can last years after opening without losing much flavor, wine goes bad relatively quickly. Sure, it will still be safe to drink for years, but opened wine will start to oxidize and slowly lose its flavor within a few days. Eventually, it will seem a bit more like vinegar than that delicious Cabernet you purchased. And while it can last decades before it’s opened, a bottle of wine also requires the right storage to ensure longevity; away from direct light, in a cool place, etc – hence the reason for a wine cellar. If you don’t have one of those in your basement, however, there’s always the Plum Wine Preserver.

Half mini fridge, half hi-tech bottle opener, the Plum promises to keep bottles of wine preserved for up to 90 days. There’s room inside for two bottles; place them inside, and the machine’s motorized, double-cored needle will pierce through the cork, foil and even metal screw cap. It will then inject the bottle with argon gas, which prevents air from getting in and causing the wine to oxidize. This way, you can pour a glass or two and then keep the bottle around for as long as 3 months before it goes bad; just use the integrated spout to pour servings as small as 1 ounce or your standard 5-ounce serving. It’s that easy.

The argon gas canister is fully refillable and can hold enough gas for up to 150 bottles of wine. The Plum also has two silent, solid-state cooling chambers that help keep the bottle perfectly cool, whether that’s based on the variety of wine it is, or your own personal preferences. Cabernet is best at 66 degrees, after all. And, to top this all off, there is an HD camera integrated into each bottle chamber, that scans the label and helps the machine recognize each particular bottle of wine, including such important characteristics as vintage, region, varietal and winery. The wine label will even be displayed on the touchscreen so you know exactly what you’re serving. Finally, there’s an automatic cleaning system so the machine is always ready to pour another fresh glass.

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