You can find slim wallets made out of pretty much everything these days, from classic, tough full-grain leather to hardshell titanium sleeves. Pioneer wallets, however, seem a step ahead of the game, made from what the company calls 10XD Ripstop – an “ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene”, a “super-fabric” they claim is 10 times stronger than steel by weight.

Almost sounds like overkill for a wallet, but hey, some people go hard on their gear. We haven’t had the opportunity to actually test and verify whether their claims stack up  – (how would one go about that, anyway?) – but it seems clear these things are built to last.

The wallet itself is ultra-slim and sleek, using a bifold-esque design that manages to be even more compact than a traditional wallet. The wallet can hold 6-8 cards and several folded bills in its two slots. The fabric used in entirely waterproof, and absorbs no moisture. 4 bartacks provide reinforcement, while a very low-profile, heat transfer logo gives it some style.

Pioneer currently serves up three models of these tough-as-nails wallets – the Ion, the Division and the Molecule. All three come in Black and Blue, and the wallet is backed by Pioneer’s 10-year warranty, which gives confidence that their wallets are built to last a lifetime. For the price, Pioneer wallets can’t be beat in size, slimness or durability.



pioneer-wallet-ion-black-carry pioneer-wallet-ion-black-size pioneer-wallet-molecule-blue Division Bifold Pioneer Wallet