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Pickle of the Month Club? Seriously? These Pickle Subscription Boxes Are Interesting.

Pickle of the Month Club

Yeah, seriously. There’s pretty much a subscription for everything these days, from olive oil to coffee to socks, so maybe a Pickle of the Month Club shouldn’t surprise us.

Every month, the Pickle of the Month Club will send you 3 unique and delicious pickled cucumbers, with flavors ranging from “extra-crunch spears with salty old bay seasoning” to “garlicky, dilly kirbys with a hint of sweetness”. Interesting to say the least. And it only costs a ridiculous $60 a month (that goes down to $47.75/month if you pay for 12 months at a time). But it’s okay, because there is only one Pickle of the Month Club, so it must be worth….

Never mind. Turns out there is a lot more than Pickle of the Month Club. Some others include Picklelicious, which offers to send you a quart of pickles of your choice every month for only $10 – a fraction of what Pickle of the Month Club costs. (Gallon size also available). Then there is the Pickle of the Month Club from AmazingClubs, which only costs about $26 a month when you subscribe. Instead of just 3 pickled cucumbers for $60, you’ll get a delicious assortment of “small-batch, artisan pickles” from some of the best specialty pickle makers across the country.

And finally, there is Olympia Provisions’ Pickle of the Month club – which offers a 12-month subscription for only $210. Their pickle selection includes such exotic specialties as curried cauliflower, Cocktail Onions and Giardiniera, and not just plain old pickled cucumbers.

Who would have ever thought pickles could be so special? We’re already signed up for like every beef jerky box in existence, but now it looks we might be experimenting with the pickles we’re putting on our burgers and sandwiches this summer.

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