If you haven’t heard of French automaker Peugeot, we can excuse you, seeing as how you can’t get any of them in the States (as far as we know). But this Peugeot Rifter Adventure Van concept they’ve just announced looks promising and worth checking out. Compared to a lot of American vehicles, it seems a bit small, but by European standards, this is a vehicle built for adventure.

It’s got a 4-wheel drive system with a 3.5” lift, powered by a 130-horsepower, BlueHDi engine with 221 lb-ft of torque, channeled into a 6-speed gearbox. All-terrain BF Goodrich tires are included, and there are three driving modes: 2RM mode, which is regular front-wheel drive mode for everyday use; 4RM, where the transmission powers the rear wheels in case of loss of motor function; and Lock mode, which locks the rear axle and is useful for off-roading and crossing bridges.

On the outside, there’s a sweet 1.35m-wide strip of 100 LED lights, putting out a total of 300W. And on top of the car is an Overland tent, created by Autohome, which means you can set up and camp out under the night sky wherever your Rifter takes you. The mountain bike in the photos is even included – an PEUGEOT eM02 FS Powertube electric mountain bike, with a battery integrated in to the frame and a double suspension.

When they said this van was built for adventure, they weren’t kidding.  There’s no mention of when (or if) it will enter production, or what the Peugeot Rifter will cost when it does. But if it does, you can bet we’ll in line to test drive one.

Peugeot-Rifter-Adventure-Van-1 Peugeot-Rifter-Adventure-Van-2 Peugeot-Rifter-Adventure-Van-3