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Meet Peeqo, the Robot Who Talks In GIFS and memes

Peeqo GIF Robot

If you are one to bemoan the rise of GIFs, memes and emojis, and how quickly they’ve become part of the popular lexicon…you might want to turn away now and save yourself the anguish. Because there’s a new kid on the block, and it’s making everyday tasks like checking the weather and setting clocks and timers just a bit more ridiculous – and heck of a lot more fun. It’s Peeqo, and it’s the personal assistant/robot who communicates in the most effective language of all: GIFS and memes.

Peeqo looks like any other friendly neighborhood desk robot out there, with a cute little face that turns into a 4” IPS screen whenever you speak to him (her? It?). So instead of responding by means of a robotic voice stringing pre-recorded words together into somewhat intelligible syntax, Peeqo can display relevant GIFS and memes that communicate his message. You know, just a totally normal way to communicate in 2019.

What kind of things can you can ask Peeqo? Anything you want. It’s completely programmable and customizable, if you know a thing or two about coding software. It also comes preprogrammed to handle the things you’re used to asking Alexa or Siri to do, like check the weather, play music, and control smart home functions. But – through GIFs.

Peeqo is meant for the more technically-astute, as this robot comes as a kit that needs building and assembling. But you can customize it to do almost anything you’d like, as it runs off Raspberry Pi 3B+ and is compatible with Google Cloud Speech, Snips, Amazon Voice, as well as Jasper, Mycroft. There’s also the camera that every device needs to come with these days. We’ll spare you the rest of the many tech details.

A truly useful, worthwhile investment? Maybe not. But a fun and unique alternative to an Amazon Echo with nearly unlimited possibilities? You bet.

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