We’ve always been partial to a well-executed denim jacket, which is why we’re willing to spend a chunk of change on really high-quality ones. Up until now, our favorite piece of denim was the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket, but it looks like they have some new competition Patagonia, with the Steel Forge denim jacket, which includes Dyneema for ultralight, ultra-durable construction.

The Steel Forge jacket starts with 92% organic cotton, grown in the USA and spun by the legendary Cone Mills. It’s then blended with an 8% Dyneema, which gives it an incredible strength without adding any weight; Dyneema, the outdoor industry’s latest miracle fabric, is known for being fifteen times stronger than steel (at the same weight). To give it that deep blue denim color, Patagonia used a bio-based dye from Stony Creek Colors, which was created using real, natural indigo – also from the USA. In fact, the entire jacket is cut and sewn right here in the USA, as well, ensuring top-of-the-line quality and a bit of American pride.

Finishing out the ensemble is a true, workwear-style cut. The front features jean shank buttons, it has a bi-swing back for freedom of movement, and it has button-adjustable cuffs and waist. These are all in addition to the two large cargo pockets and those massive huge cargo pockets on the front.

So it’s not as slim-fitting as a lot of other denim jackets, but this is both a stylish jacket and one ready for real work. It’s a bit burly, at 36 ounces, and retails for a respectable $199. The perfect piece to upgrade your wardrobe, whether for work or casual wear. And, since it’s made right here in the USA, we’re already partial to it – without even trying it on.

Dyneema Steel Forge Jacket Patagonia Dyneema-Steel-Forge-Patagonia-Jacket-2 Dyneema-Steel-Forge-Patagonia-Jacket-3