Patagonia already has a solid reputation as one of the best, most-trusted outdoor apparel brands. But that clearly hasn’t caused them to stop coming up with new ideas, as they have just launched a whole new line of rugged, outdoor Workwear, which the company intends as an ethical, sustainable alternative to more established workwear brands.

The crux of Patagonia Workwear is their new Iron Forge Hemp Canvas, which the company says is 25% more abrasion-resistant than duck cotton canvas while remaining soft, cool and comfortable. They’ve also demonstrated their dedication to environmentally conscious and fair-trade practices: Forge Hemp Canvas made from 55% industrial hemp, which is grown without pesticides, and 27% recycled polyester. The rest is made with purely organic cotton, and every garment is made in a Fair-Trade Certified Factory. The result is some seriously soft, supple clothing that puts regular canvas work clothes to shame.

The Workwear line includes Ranch Jackets, Farrier Shirts and reinforced Double Knee pants, as well as classic sweaters and fleece vests – essentially any kind of outdoor, active field apparel you may need. So besides being tough-as-nails and ready to work, these clothes have a classic, time-tested and rugged appearance that feels right at home in the field or the workshop. It’s a little bit different from Patagonia’s usual offerings, but just as durable and high-quality as their brand implies.

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