Palladium Boots has actually been around for quite some time; since at least 1920, when they were one of the largest producers of aircraft tires in Europe. After WWII, they transitioned to textiles and footwear, and throughout the late 20th century, their Pampa boot was one of the top-selling boots in the world, thanks to its popularity amongst urban crowds.

Today, they’ve relaunched into a whole new brand focused on urban footwear – sneakers and leather boots designed for urban explorers. They’ve still got the traditional Pampa boot, but their line now boasts quite a few different choices just as stylish and versatile in rugged terrain.

Let’s look at the Pampa first, anyway. The current Pampa Hi Originale is built on a new modern sole, with Paradrop technology, which cushions every step and makes them pleasant to move around in – unlike a lot of cheaper chukka boots. The upper is the same canvas the Pampa boot has always been, and the rubber sole is thick and grippy for urban environments. Choose whatever color you like best.

The Pallabrouse Baggy is a military-inspired piece of footwear that features a fold-down collar. When up, it like a pair of hi-tops or old-fashioned military jungle boots. When down, they’re any old chukka boot but with their own unique flair – and the Palladium logo. Rubber sole, canvas upper, and 100% military-chic.

The Pampa Puddle Lite WP offer the same classically rugged-yet-refined look as the Pampa, but are designed for a bit of rain and water; they’ve got a waterproof membrane lining the upper, a breathable mesh lining to keep your feet cool and ensure there’s only water on the outside, and a Lite-Tech outsole that keeps traction on the ground and water out, without weighing you down. Perfect for exploring the furthest reaches of the city in any weather.

All three are excellent sets of boots for urban settings; they look great with a pair of jeans and keep your feet fresh and dry as you tackle new elements and discover new places. That’s what Palladium boots have always been about.

Palladium-Boots-Pamp-2 Palladium-Boots-Pampa Palladium-Pallabrouse-Baggy-1 Palladium-Boots-Black Palladium-Boots-Pallabrouse-Baggy