Outlier, based in NYC, wants to create the best, most versatile and technically-inclined pair of chinos out there. So they made the 60/30 Chino; light, elegant and smooth pants that are a suited for the office as they are biking home or heading out into the hills.

The 60/30 Chino gets its name from the 60/30 Cloth they use – a blend of 64% cotton, 29% micro-denier nylon and 7% elastane. It’s based on the original 60/40 Fabric that Sierra Designs used on the Iconic 60 / 40 Parka in the 70’s.

The result is a pair of pants that looks as neat and put-together as any pair of cotton chinos, but is stretchy, insanely comfortable and wicked tough; Outlier describes them as having the durability of a hiking parka but with the four-way stretch of a bike short. So super stretchy. The fabric is 10 oz, so it has some structure, and when you stretch it, it literally snaps back.

Outlier describes the fabric as having a “self-cleaning” nanosphere treatment, which helps it stay cleaner longer, repelling both stains and water more naturally, and dries super quickly, so when you do sweat or get wet, you’ll stay warm.

They use what they describe as a military-style construction, with the integrated waistband found on old paratrooper pants and a low-rise, as well as a hidden front button. There are key loops, too.

The fabric is woven in Switzerland, the pockets are made in America, the buttons in Italy. It is then all sewn together right in New York’s Garment District, right in Midtown Manhattan.

Overall, Outlier has constructed a pant with pure freedom of movement that doesn’t sacrifice classy style. The jet-dyed fabric is also supposed to age and gather a patina over time, turning the 60/30 Chino into your unique work of art.

Buy - $267.00
Outlier-60/30-Chino-Pant-Rear Outlier-60/30-Chino-Pant-Front Outlier-60/30-Chino-Pant-Front-2 Outlier-60/30-Chino-Pant-Fly Outlier-60/30-Chino-Pant-Waistband