It’s not that there aren’t “any good water filters” out there, it’s just that many are difficult and time consuming to use. We really like Sawyer’s Squeeze, as well as the LifeStraw and even the Grayl. But the Outdoor Answer? That was new to us.

Created by Epic Water Filters, the Outdoor Answer (and it’s everyday counterpart, the Answer) is a simple, streamlined filter that fits onto your current water bottle – whether that’s a Nalgene or a HydroFlask (our personal favorite water bottle).

The Answer is meant for filtering your regular tap water and claims to remove 99.99% of the contaminants you may find floating around in that water – such as Lead, Chlorine and PFAs, making it an excellent choice for everyday use. (We don’t mind drinking our tap water right out of the tap, but if your water isn’t the cleanest and isn’t the tastiest, you may find it comes in handy.)

The Outdoor Answer is – you guessed it – the outdoor version of that same filter. This time, it’s equipped to remove up to 99.99% of the contaminants found in freshwater around the backcountry – Giardia, Cryptosporium, bacteria, cysts, etc. That ranks it up there with the top water filtration units in the outdoor space and means it is a worthy companion on backpacking and camping trips, as well as survival situations.

So that’s cool – you’ve now got a filter built into your Nalgene. To drink out of it, you’ll need to use one of the attached bottle lids – one is an “Easy Flip” sports lid with a “hygienic” valve, while the other has a locking dust cover to keep it clean during active pursuits.

Each Outdoor Answer filter will last up to 100 gallons before needing replacement – the equivalent of over 650 plastic water bottles. And each filter is 100% recyclable as well as BPA-free.

So to answer the question: if you’re looking for a streamlined, one-piece filter for the trusty, bulletproof water bottle you already have, then yes – the Outdoor Answer is the Answer. Our only problem with it is that it only lasts 100 gallons; the Lifestraw, for example, lasts over 1,000.

Outdoor-Answer-Epic-Water-Bottle-4 Outdoor-Answer-Epic-Water-Bottle-5 Outdoor-Answer-Epic-Water-Bottle-2