When Otterbox started making coolers, it was a big move for a company best-known for their phone cases. But they quickly proved that they know what they are doing – and the Otterbox Yampa is the next piece of proof in that equation. With 35, 70 and 105-liter sizes, it’s a waterproof, tough-as-can-be dry duffle that will protect you gear from virtually anything and everything that you throws its way.

The construction starts with a low-density foam exoskeleton, which gives it a rigid shape, absorbs impact, and helps protect it against spills and falls. That is paired with a waterproof, TPU nylon, which repels water, and resists both abrasions and strong punctures. It’s even UV and chemical-resistant, as well. And, seeing as how this is Otterbox, after all, they missed no opportunity to waterproof this thing, sealing the seams and taping the zipper to prevent even the faintest of moisture from getting it.

Of course, when you’re hauling pounds of gear over long distances, repelling water isn’t the only thing on your mind; comfort and being able to carry those pounds are also priorities, which is why the Yampa includes neoprene shoulder pads an airflow back pad for comfort on the trail. There are multiple exterior strong, grabable handles, interior pockets, and tie-down points, and the adjustable clips and straps that can even turn it into a carry-on for flying.

Lastly, reflector strips ensure people can see you in the dark, and the inside of the bag features bright coloring to make your items stand out. The 70l version weighs 5.8 pounds.

The best, toughest duffel bag out there? Looks like Yeti has some competition.

Otterbox-Yampa-Duffel-Bag-6 Otterbox-Yampa-Duffel-Bag Otterbox-Yampa-Duffel-Bag-2 Otterbox-Yampa-Duffel-Bag-3 Otterbox-Yampa-Duffel-Bag-4 Otterbox-Yampa-Duffel-Bag-5