The biggest problem with taking a cooler out fishing or camping with you is…that you have to carry it around. And once you’d dumped in a box of beers, a ton of ice and those hamburgers you’re keeping cold till cookout time, it can be pretty heavy. But, hauling a heavy cooler full of food and drinks down with you just got easier. Otterbox already sought to remedy this with the Trooper Cooler, but now they’ve gone ahead and done something even better – released some All-Terrain Cooler Wheels.

The All-Terrain Cooler Wheels cost almost as much as the Venture Cooler they’re meant for, but they make it so much more portable and convenient in the outdoors. Made from a sturdy combination of carbon steel, Nylon, polypro and thermoplastic, they feature an adjustable chassis that can fit coolers of different sizes and widths; namely, it’s been created and built for the Otterbox Venture 45 and 65-liter coolers. The 3-inch wide, 10-inch diameter wheels roll easily over uneven terrain, with reinforced plastic bushings so they don’t rust. And the steel, powder-coated handle has two configurations – vertical and horizontal.

When you’re done using, just remove the wheels and it stores away compact and neat. Simple and easy. Expensive, sure. But a total game changer if you just love long summer afternoons by the water. It’s backed up by Otterbox’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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