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Oru’s New Inlet Takes Origami Kayaks To The Next Level

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If you like kayaking but don’t like the logistical challenges the sport presents, there’s about a million and one reasons to try the Oru origami kayak. It’s strong and sturdy enough for real kayaking but could be folded up and carried around anytime and anywhere you need. Slide it between the car and the wall for storage and drive it around in the trunk – it would fit without a hitch. It was hit when it first landed a couple years ago. Now Oru is taking that design another step further with their new Inlet.

Oru-Kayak-Inlet-3The Inlet was created with the idea of “pushing Oru’s key attributes- portability, weight, foldability- to the absolute max.” That means that, instead of folding down to the size of a suitcase, the Inlet folds down to the size of a handbag…and weighs no more than 20 pounds compared to the original Oru’s minimum of 26. (The largest model, the Coast XT, comes in a full 36 pounds).

This was accomplished through the creation of a brand-new origami fold pattern, which emphasized not only sleek kayak looks but also the elimination of ALL excess material or weight. This is combined with their custom-extruded, UV-treated plastic material, called OruPlast, which strikes the perfect balance of weight and durability and is rated to last more than 20,000 folds. New built-in plastic fairings, bow and stern bulkheads for rigidity and added strength, and an integrated, no-assembly-required floorboard round out the super-simple but durable construction.Oru-Kayak-Inlet-2

The result is a kayak that is light, compact, nimble on the water and fully-assembled in less than 5 minutes. Still seems almost crazy to us that you can actually fold it up so small, but hey, we’re not complaining. The Oru Inlet is on Kickstarter now, starting at $799.

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