What’s to like about Orbitkey Nest Portable Organizer:

  • Portable and convenient
  • Versatile hinge design
  • Separate top tray and internal storage
  • Storage for cards and smaller items
  • Wireless charging
  • Movable and practical dividers
  • Affordable price

Even if the pandemic forced you to set up a home office and join the work-from-home army, it probably didn’t save you from cluttered desks and messy workspaces. As they say, habits die hard. So, how to solve this issue and keep your essentials tidy at all times?

Well, the innovative Orbitkey Nest Portable Organizer comes highly recommended, so we tested it for a few days to check what it offers. Soon enough, it became clear that Orbitkey Nest would be among the best desk organizers in 2021. Here’s why.


Even though Orbitkey is a relatively young company, it already has a global fan base and several high-profile products. But, as it often happens, everything started with a simple goal to solve the daily frustrations we experience with messy pockets and cluttered desks.

More precisely, this Melbourne-based startup appeared in 2013 after a successful crowd-funding campaign. Over the years, Orbitkey developed an impressive portfolio of products, including ID cardholders, key organizers, multi-tools, and desk mats. In essence, Orbitkey is all about staying organized and prepared, and the same philosophy permeates the handy Orbitkey Nest Portable Organizer.


As much as we enjoy having an organized desk, keeping everything in place is often mission impossible. After all, we now have dozens of gadgets and devices at our disposal. So, to stay as productive as possible, here’s how to find top-quality desk organizers.


Nowadays, workspace organizers come in several categories, including filing systems, desktop trays, and drawer organizers. Therefore, it’s essential to know what you need and then look for a product that focuses on those aspects.


Of course, no one wants to throw their money down the drain, so check the build quality before buying a desk organizer. Thus, to be precise, look at the materials and fabrics to buy the products that will provide the best bang for your buck.


As the name says, desk organizers should boost our efficiency and productivity. For that reason, it’s crucial to buy a model with plenty of features and functionalities. However, too many elements can confuse the user, so it’s also necessary to look for well-balanced designs.


Finally, we should mention the importance of price, even though most desk organizers come at an affordable price. Yet, many overpriced models are out there, praying on less-informed buyers. For instance, budget-friendly desk organizers like Orbitkey Nest will get the job done without requiring considerable investment.


It’s time to focus on the features we discovered while testing the cool-looking Orbitkey Nest Desk Organizer. As the name says, this portable gadget will provide a convenient nest to your essentials. Available in two colors, Ash and Black, the Nest is both attractive and functional. So, without further ado, let’s see what makes it one of the best organizers out there.


As we already said, Orbitkey focuses on making high-quality accessories and small-sized gadgets. Since the company is still relatively young, it can afford mistakes, and every product features top-drawer products.

For instance, Orbitkey Nest Desk Organizer relies on a combo of natural leather and woven canvass to create a comfortable and luxurious feel. In addition, the metallic elements are well-designed, durable, and lightweight.


Build quality is a priority, but aesthetic aspects also play a vital role when designing something that will stand at our desks all day long. So, you’ll be glad to hear that Orbitkey Nest follows a minimalist approach and looks as elegant as organizers get.

The sleek top area is the first thing you’ll notice, but the rounded edges of the Nest’s body are also aesthetically pleasing. In short, you’ll never feel ashamed to place this organizer on the desk and attract the attention of your colleagues.


Now it’s time for the essential elements of any desk organizer— functionality and usability. Well, from what we’ve seen, Orbitkey Nest is up there with the elite because it offers plenty of innovative features and more than enough storage space.

Namely, this desk organizer comes equipped with a double-function hinge mechanism. Essentially, this feature allows users to detach the lid when needed or flip it open like a book to access their essentials on the go. Likewise, we should mention that Orbitkey Nest is a modern device, and it supports wireless charging via a built-in charger embedded into the lid.


As we said, users can take the Nest on various adventures because the foam-padded interior keeps the belongings safe at all times. Besides phones, wallets, and watches, this organizer can also carry cards, keys, and other smaller items. For instance, the elastic pouch is ideal for storing memory cards or USB sticks.

Best of all, the oval-shaped interior comes with movable dividers, allowing users to organize space as they see fit. So, you can adjust the compartments to suit your needs while keeping things in place at any given moment. In essence, after setting up the dividers to hold the essentials, retrieving the items will become hassle-free and efficient.


Finding a well-designed desk organizer is tricky because these products rarely meet our specified needs. That’s why a customizable organizer is a safe bet, but Orbitkey Nest offers much more.

As you could see from our Orbitkey Nest Portable Organizer review, this desk accessory is a must-have for anyone having trouble staying organized and tidy. If you work from home and don’t want to spend the entire day looking for stuff, the Nest is the perfect option. Moreover, Orbitkey Nest is among the best Christmas gifts you could give to your loved ones. They’ll thank you for it.