Main features of the Orange Mud Transition Wrap Extreme Seat Cover:

  • Moisture-wicking TPU membrane
  • Machine washable, durable microfiber
  • Impact-resistant, sturdy polymer clip
  • Reusable carry bag
  • Versatile, flexible, and easy to use
  • Affordable price and 1-year warranty

Do you enjoy outdoor workouts but hate getting in your car drenched in sweat? Are you tired of flashing and mooning innocent passers-by as you awkwardly try to change before driving home?

We’ve all been there, but now it’s time to end the embarrassment and annoyance. The convenient and versatile Orange Mud Transition Wrap Extreme Seat Cover is a seat cover doubling as a changing towel.

Of course, this simplified definition doesn’t tell the entire story, so let’s see what this innovative product is all about.


The chances are you’ve never heard of Orange Mud, and who could blame you? We also didn’t know about the brand, even though it has been around since 2012.

This Texas-based company operates as a family-run business, with Josh Sprague at the helm. He was the one who started the story by patenting an innovative hydration pack. After that, Josh and his wife launched an outdoor-oriented brand focusing on quality over quantity.

Nevertheless, Orange Mud offers a decent-sized selection, with products from various categories. For instance, they offer biking and running packs, frame bags, water bottles, and other accessories. The multipurpose Transition Wrap Extreme illustrates the company’s creativity and shows that Orange Mud is here to stay.


Since we don’t see products like these every day, we decided that the best option would be to field test this towel/seat cover and see how it behaves in action. So, after every long-distance walking, biking, and trail running session, we grabbed the Transition Wrap Extreme cover and pretended as if we had it for years.

Thus, the extensive hands-on experience fueled this in-depth review, allowing us to see this product’s pros and cons. So, you can expect to learn everything there is to know about Orange Mud Transition Wrap Seat Cover/Towel, including things you might not like.


As we said, Orange Mud doesn’t lack creativity, and the guys down at Round Rock enjoy pushing the boundaries and playing with new concepts. So, after the first-generation Transition Wrap collected awards and attracted audiences worldwide, Orange Mud upgraded the product, turning it into a multi-practical unit.

Namely, the Extreme version works as a water-resistant seat protector and a cozy towel. In addition, it helps with changing your clothes in public. But, of course, the possibilities are endless, and you can use your Transition Wrap Extreme in many other ways.


Orange Mud combines modern manufacturing technologies with an old-fashioned approach toward quality. In other words, they use the latest materials while ensuring maximum durability and longevity.

The same applies to the second generation of the resilient Transition Wrap, and the Extreme version features a machine-washable microfiber. Likewise, this seat cover/towel comes with an abrasion-resistant polymer clip, capable of handling years of wear and tear.

Stitching and other details are also top-notch, and the entire product weighs only 1.3 pounds (when dry). Of course, the microfiber is stretchy and comfortable, making the well-built Transition Wrap Extreme one of the best towels money can buy in 2022.


The flexible Transition Wrap Extreme combines two seemingly opposite qualities: water resistance and sweat absorption. And yet, the system works like a charm because Orange Mud added a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) membrane between the two microfiber layers.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the TPU membrane does when a sweaty mess leans into a car seat after a training session. You guessed it; it stops the sweat from leaking onto the car’s upholstery.

On the other hand, this 30×60-inch towel with its quality microfiber earns top marks for collecting moisture and keeping you fresh.


We briefly mentioned the polymer clip but didn’t explain why this detail significantly improves this towel’s functionality. Namely, it will keep the Transition Wrap Extreme tight around your waist as you get out of those sweaty, mud-covered shorts or leggings.

Best of all, you can say goodbye to accidental flashing or mooning everyone in the parking lot. The Extreme version features several belt holes, allowing you to adjust the tightness without hassle.

On the other hand, the versatile Orange Mud Transition Wrap Extreme also comes with a zipper for secure positioning around any car seat. More precisely, you can slip it over and close the zipper to create a tight, sweat-proof barrier between the passenger and the upholstery.


If you don’t want your car to smell like a locker room, the Transition Wrap Extreme could be a worthwhile investment. Moreover, if outdoor workouts are your thing and you hate sitting in the car while perspiring, the Transition Wrap Extreme fits the bill.

Even though this product is far from revolutionary, it will benefit anyone passionate about biking, hiking, trail running, or even the classic in-town gym workouts. This product’s flexibility deserves only praise. For instance, you can use Transition Wrap Extreme to protect your legs from hot leather seats during the summer months.

Orange Mud Transition Wrap Extreme seat cover/towel is available in three colors: orange, black, and gray. Thus, users can adjust the towel’s color with their car’s interior. So, to prevent the upholstery from smelling like old gym socks, pick a color and place the Transition Wrap Extreme after every workout.


As you can see, this product is worth the price because it offers several helpful features. Most importantly, the Extreme Transition Wrap comes with a TPU membrane to shield your car seats from sweat. The convenient clip helps with maintaining privacy while changing, and you also get a stuff sack for storage.

So, this towel/seat cover is a must-have for active men and women in 2022.


Orange Mud Transition Wrap Extreme Seat ProtectionAs a parent of active teenagers, keeping a clean vehicle is a constant battle….many of you know exactly what we’re talking about here! After a weekend of

Orange Mud Transition wrap extreme soccer
Orange Mud to the Rescue!

1″ of rain, the soccer fields were nothing short of a mud pit. Our 13 year old managed to stay out of most of it, but was still dirty enough to put the Transition Wrap through it’s first test. After a quick wipe down, we zipped the corner of the towel and draped the wrap over the headrest. Perfect fit…! This product truly is a must have for every vehicle. In fact we”ll be buying a couple of more just to make sure we always have one on hand when the need arises! Here’s a few photos of a real world, real life, use case…


Orange Mud Transition wrap at work
Transition Wrap at Work!
Orange Mud Transition Wrap Extreme Seat protection
Transition Wrap Extreme Seat Protection