Well, since we are all somewhat confined to our homes (and back yards), why not work on perfecting some of those soccer skills? We have found the PERFECT soccer goal to assist in that.

Finally a true practice soccer goal has been created! We all have wasted so much time chasing stray shots (either ours or our kiddos’) or spent time retrieving the ball out of the goal. With Open Goaaal, actual practice time can possibly be doubled.

Whether you are a parent, coach, or a player, you will see the value in Open Goal. The goal is surrounded on three sides with a wall of tensioned netting; therefore, missed goal shots are perfectly rebounded, allowing more practice time. Now you can stand by your player and spend quality time coaching rather than chasing balls. In addition, the tensioned netting protects surrounding landscape and windows. Practicing in tight, limited spaces is now no problem at all. Installation is fast and easy–no digging needed at all.

The Open Goaaal is also for your aspiring goalkeeper. Kiddos love to try to block an adult’s shots. No holding back now; kick with confidence that the shot will be either blocked or rebounded. Skill building is accelerated with the Open Goaaal. Coaches are giving the Open Goaaal high marks because they are seeing players more eager to spend more time practicing. Open Goaaal has received the endorsement and use by Liverpool FC Academy.

Now for the aesthetic value of the Open Goaaal. How many times have we grumbled when it comes to mowing around a soccer goal in the yard. Not only can they sometimes be unsightly, but also rather heavy to move when it comes to mowing. Not a problem with the Open Goaaal. It almost disappears when it’s installed…but it can be “put away” by sliding the net to one side when not in use and can even be easily raised when it’s time to mow! Because there’s no PVC pipe frame, the whole set up blends nicely into its surroundings.

After checking out all the advantages of this goal, it’s hard for us to find any reason not to have one. It is sure to get the kiddos outside and off their electronics. There are three sizes to chose from: Large, Standard, and Junior…a size for your yard or field or for the talent level. These are ready for your “bring-it-on” backyard party. Get an Open Goaaal and save the windows in your house…and your neighbor’s house.

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