When it comes to cool, new transportation methods, we really have more choices than we know what to do with – e-bikes, e-skateboards, longboards, whatever else you can think of. Now, you can add Onewheel to that list. Part-skateboard, part-snowboard, and built right here in the USA, Onewheel is powered by the brand’s Hypercore motor, a brushless hub device which provides enough power to roll over any sort of terrain – trails, roads, grass, hills –  with the single, large wheel. To control it, all you have to do is lean forward to move and lean backward to slow down. LED headlights and taillights will automatically switch on or off when you reverse direction. The built-in LiFePo battery provides enough power to go 5-7 miles, and can fully charge in only 20 minutes. Speed tops out at about 19 miles an hour.

The board itself is made from multi-layered hardwood, wrapped in Surestance footpads that provide grip and control over the board’s movements. The Onewheel app lets you use, Digital Shaping 2.0, which changes the way your surfboard handles; you can choose from a variety of Shapings, inspired by the different ways surfboarders shape their surfboards for different rides. Some examples of Shapings are Classic, Elevated and Extreme. The App also lets you track everything from speed, to trip odometer, to battery percentage and motor temperature.

So maybe the Onewheel won’t become the method of the future, but it sure looks like a ton of fun to ride around – and a cool, compact alternative to more traditional transportation methods. It’s small enough to take anywhere you can take a skateboard, a lot smaller than a bike, and ton of fun, especially if you’re into surfing or snowboarding.  The only problem? It’s kind of expensive.

Onewheel Features

  • Feels like riding a surfboard or
  • Hypercore motor, large wheel, strong enough to move grass, dirt, trails, pavement, hills
  • Automatic LED headlights and taillights
  • Range of 5-7 miles
  • Supercharger charges battery in less than 20 minutes
  • Onewheel App lets you choose from a variety of Shapings, riding styles
  • 12 Month Warranty




onewhweel_logo_closeup onewheel_in_action onewheel-app onewheel_surestance_grip