How may of you consider a standard box blade an EDC knife? If you are carrying one, it’s out of necessity–or you like the weight tearing a hole in your pockets. You won’t have that problem with the new One Studio Cutter, a lightweight titanium body, minimalist cutter. You will hardly know it is in your pocket!

The cutter has an attractive stonewash finish on the body. The engraved etching on each side of the cutter assists in grip as well as makes the gear attractive to the eye. Aesthetically, this is far beyond the box cutter from the big box stores. The performance of the cutter adds new meaning to “razor sharp.” The blade is easily deployed with one-hand using the precision slider. With the cutter, you have the perfect EDC knife that never needs sharpening. Just replace the blade and tackle the job.

The paracord slot on the end of the knife allows you to add some EDC “bling” for easier handling and carry. The One Studio Cutter is a well thought out piece of pocket gear. This is easily the perfect companion in your everyday activities.

One Studio Cutter Specifications

  • Solid titanium construction
  • Tritium slots (1.5mm x 3mm) on both sides (tritium not included)
  • Stonewash finish for added wear resistance
  • 2 adjustable blade positions
  • Replaceable SATA 93434A blades
  • 70mm x 22mm x 5mm

It really is true…sharpening a knife sucks. Not a problem with the Cutter.

Buy - $125.00
One Studio Cutter Profile Closed One Studio Cutter Profile Closed One Studio Cutter Profile Right One Studio Cutter Profile Left