If you’ve ever played a game of golf, you’re aware of how it sucks to lose a golf ball. Which, if you’re like us, is most golf balls. How about giving the Oncore Genius a try? This awesome little trackable golf ball looks exactly like any other on the surface, but inside, contains a GPS tracker, making it the world’s first smart golf ball. (At least, it can duke out for that title with the GEN i1, who also claims the title). The chip is shielded by Oncore’s protective core design (hey, we see what they did there…), so you can smack it time and time again without worry.

Once the Genius is launched with a smack of your driver, you will be able to track it via a special GPS golf ball tracking system within 1 foot of it’s exact location, in addition to tracking the length and time of it’s roll, the spin rate, distance to the pin, time and distance of carry, ball velocity and even angle of descent. It’s like having your own ESPN velocity tracker and home run distance calculator, right on your smartphone. The electronics and tracking in the Genius have been certified accurate by Arrow Electronics, and they’ve tested them to withstand 15,000 G’s of force. So, enough to withstand a hit with a club.

You can, of course, then upload and share all your hits, holes-in-one, and other conquests on the golf course to social media, and gloat to all your friends. Or simply track them for your own future reference and see how you’ve improved. This is one of the most promising trackable golf balls we’ve seen…

Buy - $100.00
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