Main features of the On Cloudtrax hiking boots:

  • Comfortable Cloudtec midsole
  • Missiongrip pattern outsole
  • 85% recycled polyester
  • Durable, water-repelling upper
  • A handy, one-pull speed lacing system
  • Excellent grip on various terrains
  • Affordable price

What if we told you that durable shoes for hiking and other outdoor excursions could feature a city-appropriate look? Would you be willing to experiment and push the limits of your urban style and hiking performance?

If yes, the innovative On Cloudtrax hiking boots could be right up our street because the new model from the Swiss brand takes things to new levels. Here’s why these shoes are a must-have.


Founded in 2010 by a group of running enthusiasts, On is an athletic footwear manufacturer headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Even though On is a relatively young brand, it sells its products in 55 countries worldwide and has an army of loyal customers.

If you are thinking of becoming one, know that On Running’s philosophy is to design the ultimate shoes that make you feel you’re running on clouds. The Swiss brand never stops innovating and creating new designs for their cool-looking athletic shoes. The Cloudtrax boots for hiking illustrate this perfectly.


Before focusing on the features and qualities of the On Cloudtrax model, we should explain what separates the best boots for hiking from the rest. After all, online retailers and land-based shops offer thousands of options, making it tricky to choose the ideal footwear.

So, consider the following aspects before splashing the cash on a new pair.


Shoes for outdoor walks must combine rugged materials with breathable fabrics and lightweight components. In other words, it’s a balancing act between protection and performance. So, we recommend double-checking the overall construction to get a dependable pair for your upcoming outdoor adventures.


Everyone wants to avoid blisters and sore feet, especially long-distance walkers and runners. Thus, looking for ergonomic and comfortable footwear is essential. The task of eliminating pain might be too much to ask, but well-designed hiking shoes will reduce discomfort, ankle twists, and other issues caused by inhospitable terrain.


Functional footwear is purpose-built, and there’s little room for stylish and elegant elements. Most hiking boots look the same, but some models stand out from the crowd, boldly introducing new concepts and design approaches. So, do your homework and look for shoes that match your style and aesthetic.


As you probably know, top-quality hiking and mountaineering gear can get pretty expensive. On the other hand, no one wants to venture into nature with flimsy, low-quality footwear. So, aspiring hikers should compare several boots within a specific price point to see which model offers the best price-to-value ratio.


Although the Swiss shoemaker has been around only for a decade, it knows how to make a quality pair of athletic shoes. For instance, the updated Cloudtrax model offers everything you could need on the trail, but the eye-catching design is also urban-friendly.

The Chai/Ivory color combination features white, brown, gray, and orange elements, resulting in a playful and colorful look. Given that the On Cloudtrax hiking boots retail for around $190, why would you buy separate shoes for hiking and day-to-day activities when you can get this wallet-friendly model?

Of course, everything doesn’t revolve around money, and the recycled materials, cutting-edge technologies, and water-repelling design are additional reasons to give these shoes a 5-star rating.


Since its inception, On Running has been focused on research and development, trying to master the outdoors through technology. Simply put, the guys behind this brand performed millions of tests to develop new concepts and design the best athletic shoe money can buy.

Namely, the Cloudtrax hiking boots feature the proprietary CloudTec system with a double midsole for ultimate comfort. As the name says, the generous cushioning provides a cloud-like feeling.

The shoes also come with the patented Missiongrip multi-traction outsole. This component ensures maximum grip on challenging trails and wet city streets.


On doesn’t differ from many athleisure brands regarding the use of recycled materials, and the Cloudtrax boots include over 85% of recycled polyester. Of course, the all-climate upper is water-repelling yet lightweight, keeping the water out while letting the skin breathe.

So, if you support sustainable manufacturing and Eco-friendly products, the versatile On Cloudtrax boots for hiking could be right up your street. Plus, the budget-friendly price makes these shoes a worthwhile investment.

We mentioned the Missiongrip pattern on the outsole, but the actual rubber also deserves a word or two. After all, the abrasion-resistant outsole will handle years of wear and tear, especially if you are a casual hiker and stick to lighter trails.


Finding comfortable shoes for hiking or long-distance walking is tricky because most models require a long break-in period. For that reason, the first few walking sessions might be a nightmare. Likewise, many models provide little ankle support or water-repelling properties.

The new and updated On Cloudtrax hiking boots tick the boxes for comfort and protection because they’ll need almost no break-in period. The weatherized, breathable upper cradles the foot, while the convenient lacing system allows you to get ready in seconds.

Strategic reinforcements on the heel and the sides offer decent ankle support, even though these low-profile shoes can’t compete with 8-inch hiking boots. On the other hand, a sturdy toe cup and a mudguard are praiseworthy additions, allowing you to wear these shoes anytime, anywhere.


Weighing in at 15.07 ounces and having a 6mm heel-to-toe drop, the cool-looking On Cloudtrax hiking shoes perfectly balance usability and comfort. The updated model looks better than ever, offering enhanced off-road performance for exploring mixed terrain or traveling.

As people from On Running would say, these are the shoes you can wear on streets and mountain peaks alike. What more could you need?