High quality stuff usually comes with a steep price tag, but if you know where to look you can usually find some good deals on nice stuff, without breaking the bank. An example of this might be tents; for most, you’ll be looking at dropping $150+ for something basic yet reliable. For something ultralight, expect to spend even more than that. But again, there are alternatives to high prices – like the OEX Phoxx.

Designed for keeping a low profile on backpacking and bikepacking trips, the OEX Phoxx is designed for solo adventurers, which allows it to keep size and weight down. The design uses pre-angled poles, which run through the inner tent to allow for quick setup and lend the tent straighter, sturdier sides, while guylines keep everything tight and secured no matter the weather.

What’s it made of? A 63D 17T polyester inner fabric makes up the bulk of the tent, and the groundsheet is a 12gm PE. The flysheet is a 63D 185T PU Polyester – heavier than the tent itself and rated to 5000mm hydrostatic head. That’s enough to keep you dry in almost conditions. The groundsheet also gives you a 2000mm hydrostatic head.

All together, this thing weighs only 3 pounds. The lightest tent in the world? No, but light enough to carry around without being dragged around, and the compact size will fit in virtually pack or on the back of your bike. If you’re going solo camping or bikepacking and need something to provide a little protection from the elements, the Phoxx is a great choice – and, it’s relatively cheap. You can snag one of these for under $100 right now, which means that the only thing noticebably lighter will be your pack, and not your wallet.

OEX Phoxx Solo Backpacking Tent-3 OEX Phoxx Solo Backpacking Tent-2