We’re not huge fans of the term “sneakerboots,” but that’s because most of these boot-sneaker hybrids don’t really fulfill any specific purpose. Other than looking kinda cool, which, admittedly, is a enough to make us open our wallets. But if function, and not just form, is what you’re looking for, then you might find yourself looking at the OBVS ADPT, billed as the world’s first climate adaptable sneakers.

Designed by Portland-based Objective Virtues and built to work in a variety of conditions and terrains, the Adapt literally combines the best of a boot and sneaker; the inner line is a waterproof and breathable bootie called the DryMoc, which contains a 100% merino wool lining to keep feet warm while also blocking rain and dew. And did we mention moisture-wicking?

The outer shoe uses “proprietary hydrophobic nano materials,” which repel water so those merino liners never have to. The midsole is even designed to channel water away from the inside of the shoe when it rains.  Following the lead of regular running shoes, the ADPT uses a mesh outer shell for “360 degrees” of air flow and breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry in hot weather. And the sole is a specially-designed piece of rubber from Vibram, designed to work in wet and muddy, dry and dusty, or just icy-black conditions.

Throw in the modern good looks, orange sole and included drybag for early backers, and you have one stylish piece of footwear that’s ready to tackle trails, mountain and city streets with equal aplomb. Reserve a pair now and the ADPT are only $149, drybag included.

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