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Nuni Is The World’s First Tortilla Toaster (6″ Tortillas Only)

Nuni Tortilla Toaster Amazon

You know how when you go to a taco or burrito shop – even Chipotle – they warm up your tortillas on a fancy-looking stainless-steel sandwich griddle thing? And then you come home and make your own and the only way to warm up those tortillas so they don’t rip is to put them in the microwave, or get out a pan and heat them up on the stove (too much work). Well, if you eat a lot of tacos and find yourself doing this a lot…how about checking out Nuni, the world’s first dedicated Tortilla Toaster?

Nuni Tortilla Toaster 2

Nuni looks kind of like your classic toaster, but has 6 narrow slots for inserting tortillas up to 6” around. It can heat up both sides of those 6 tortillas in less than one minute with a quick push of a button. There are 5 settings of “doneness,” allowing you to choose exactly how you like your tortillas when you bite (just a little bit warm? Or deeply toasted?)

When your tortillas are done, a loud DING goes off and you can remove them by rotating the handle. Boom. Done. Perfectly made tacos and tortillas.

Corn, flour, wheat – whatever type of tortilla you’re whipping up, this thing can handle it. If only it could do Chipotle-sized burrito tortillas. Alas. This toaster is still epic and will make a useful addition to any taco-lovers kitchen.

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