North Face just unveiled some new products for 2019, and the Safien GTX hiking boots are at the top of the line, thanks to the new proprietary shoe rubber they’ve come up with – the Exploration Trax System, or EXTS.

Traction and grip are vital to a comfortable and safe hiking experience, and North Face knows this. So they created EXTS to give better grip on both wet and dry ground than any other previously-released shoe rubber, while also being one of the most durable. They did this through an innovative and proprietary blend of rubber and chemicals, 42% of which comes from renewable and plant-based sources, that is both sticky and pliable for good grip and traction, as well as ultra-durable for long-lasting use. They’ve also placed lugs strategically throughout the sole to get the best traction and on-foot performance you can find.

The Safien GTX itself is a stylishly-casual hiking boot, based on running shoe styles, that is waterproof and lightweight, and utilizes what they call melt-coated yarn to cut down on weight. It’s also padded with a XtraFoam midsole for ample cushioning and comfort.

No word on any other boots using the EXTS sole at this time, but the Safien GTX will be out in time for the 2019 season.

So watch for this new product. There are no buying links yet so we are eagerly awaiting!