Did you know that the history of the North Face brand started on the beach, not in the mountains? Yes, the North Face company was born years ago, on a sunny day in 1966 in San Francisco, California.

Nowadays, the name North Face is synonymous with endurance and reliability. For that reason, we wanted to present you with high-quality hiking boots from the same brand.

So, let’s dive deeper into the features of the North Face Men’s VALS MID WP hiking boots.

Premium-Quality Hiking Boots

With exceeding the 100-dollar mark, it is clear that VALS MID WP boots are a high-tier product. Even so, the price is often the measure of quality, and this investment will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

After all, North Face is a global brand that specializes in performance apparel and equipment. In other words, the guys over at this company know a thing or two about designing durable products.

The North Face Men’s VALS MID WP hiking boots are built to last, and they can handle any terrain. For that reason, every avid outdoor person should consider splashing the cash on this model.

Modern Design Meets Functionality

No matter if you wear them on a rainy day or if you go through the powdery snow, North Face boots will pass the\ test. Why is that so? Allow us to explain.

North Face Men's VALS MID WP Hiking BootsFirst of all, these hiking boots come equipped with an impenetrable moisture barrier. In other words, the total dryness is guaranteed! That may be the reason why backpacking is the recommended activity with these boots.

Also, the North Face Men’s VALS MID WP hiking boots feature a breathable mesh tongue with a lace-up closure.

On top of all that, these boots come equipped with the so-called EXTS traction system. Together with the Ortholite footbed, this technology provides top-notch stability. With a secure grip, you will also be able to walk on slippery terrain.

All in all, these North Face hiking boots are ideal for taking on new challenges and setting off into the unknown. At the same time, the design of the VALS MID WP boots is eye-catching and electrifying.

North Face Hiking Boots: Built to Last

Speaking of the design, we should state the obvious: North Face manages to blend modern aesthetics with durability.

The weight of these boots is 15 Oz, which is within the industry standard. But the best part about these hikingNorth Face Men's VALS MID WP Hiking Boots boots is that they can easily pass for urban sneakers.

The design of the North Face Men’s VALS MID WP hiking boot manages to be extravagant and bold. For instance, the molded heel details are a notable feature. Likewise, black laces are cool-looking and reliable at the same time.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is easy to see that these boots can overcome miles and miles of harsh terrain. Even so, the versatile nature of these North Face hiking boots allows them to blend into the urban environment without any problems.

One thing is for sure: North Face boots will help you push the boundaries of your endurance and bravery.