You know, one of the best things about backpacks is that they are usually pretty easy access. On smaller ones, you can simply pull it out sideways from your back and reach into the pocket for quick access, or just pull it off, grab your stuff, and put it back on. Well, for some reason North Face, and Japanese designer Junya Watanabe seem to think we can away with that, creating this totally cool but really bizarre backpack jacket combo, the Terra 65 Jacket.

Yes, it is exactly what it looks like. A jacket with a backpack built right into the back. To be exact, it’s an anorak style jacket made from a deconstructed Terra 65 backpack. It uses a 3-layer water-resistant Gore-Tex windstopper fabric, built to all the breathable, rugged features you would expect from North Face. But, different. We actually kind of like them – they’re pretty nifty. We just can’t think of any reason to drop more than $2000 on one, and it sure doesn’t seem very utilitarian.

Watanabe debuted them at the Paris Fashion Week this past summer. If you look around the internet, you might be able to find one of these very-exclusive jackets for sale. We’re not sure exactly what you’d do with it, other than rock it with confidence. But hey. It’ll definitely be very unique. If you’re interested, there’s a similar black version available, too.

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