You know when you walk into those new Starbucks and they have those weird charging pads on the bar? Why not get one for your desk?  the mophie charge force powerstation was a great device for wireless charging on the go, but if you just want something for your desk – as well as something a little more attractive – the Nomad USB Hub is another excellent choice for wireless charging.

To use the Nomad USB hub wirelessly, you’ll need to have a Qi-enabled phone or device. Newer iPhones, like the iPhone 8 and X, as well as Galaxy’s, fit that bill. But it also features 4 USB ports, for those devices which are not Qi-enabled. They are hidden on the bottom of the device, and let you charge up to 5 devices at once in conjunction with the wireless ability. The cord passage on the back allows for organized, neat cables. There are LED charging indicators, as well as ambient light sensors that will dim the LED’s at night; it’s nice not have bright lights blaring in your eyes close to bedtime.

The Nomad USB Hub is made of a tough polycarbonate housing with steel inserts for strength. A soft rubber top is gentle on your phone and adds grip, while the Molded TPE footing ensures it won’t slip all over the desk.

It’s a nice way to keep your devices charged while keeping you desk clean at the same time.

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