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Nomad Base Station Hub: Charge Multiple Phones. Wirelessly.

NOMAD Base Station Hub

Nomad makes high-tech, stylish accessories and electronics for a variety of purposes, all designed to make your everyday life on the go easier. Tools built for the adventure and for the Modern Nomad, as they call it. We already love their USB charging hub, which allowed you to turn your desktop into one of those wireless contact charging hubs you find at Starbucks or the airport. We’re even bigger fans of the Base Station Hub, which does the same – but for multiple phones.

Yep, the Nomad Base Station Hub actually allows you to charge up to 2 phones simultaneously – and that’s only it’s wireless charging specs. If you need to charge via a wired connection, you can actually charge up to 4 phones simultaneously – whether that’s through USB-C PD or USB-A.

If you’re not familiar, USB-C is the charging method of the future, and USB-C PD (Power Delivery) is now being integrated into most phones and laptops; we have personal experience using it on one of our main work laptops and can attest its charges much more powerfully. The Base Station is capable of delivering up to 18W through its USB-C port, while still delivering 7.5W through its regular USB port. This is all thanks to three internal charging coils, ensuring there’s plenty of power to go around.

Of course, the Base Station Hub is also designed to look good on your desk or as part of your computer kit. It’s only just over half an inch tall, made of a “sleek aluminum frame,” and features a soft, leather surface for placing your phones on while wirelessly charging. It complements your fine leather phone case or laptop bag and looks the part.

For $99, it’s a great deal and a superbly stylish way to keep all your devices – no matter their Power Delivery- charged.

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