Main features of New View Hunting Camo Suit:

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 11x strategically placed pockets
  • Unique camouflage patterns
  • A removable hood
  • Ultra-quiet one-way zipper
  • Spacious, zippered pockets
  • Affordable price

Staying unnoticed while hunting or patrolling can be tricky if you don’t wear adequate clothing. More precisely, winter hunting bibs are essential for staying out of sight and blending into the environment.

So, to help with this task, we bring you the cool-looking New View Hunting Camo Tree Hunting Suit, one of the best camouflage collections money can buy in 2022. After all, this suit combines several elements, making it a worthwhile investment for hunters worldwide.


The chances are you’ve never heard about New View Hunting, and we don’t blame you. We also didn’t know about this Chinese brand, but we quickly learned more and have familiarized ourselves with the company’s philosophy.

In their HQ in Nice, France, the guys behind this brand create premium hunting clothing for the global audience. Moreover, New View Hunting boasts of selling more than 50,000 items in the past two years. Thus, it’s not surprising that the eye-catching Camo Tree Hunting Suit also attracts so much attention.


Given that online retailers and other shops offer various models and types of hunting suits, an inexperienced buyer can quickly get overwhelmed. To avoid these problems and make an informed decision, consider the following aspects:


As with any other outdoor-oriented gear, it’s vital to find the most durable items when buying a new camo suit. Namely, premium fabrics ensure longevity and resilience, allowing you to use your hunting suit for years to come. So, check the materials before moving on to other elements.


Although the second step is similar to the first, it focuses on a camo suit’s overall build quality and structure. Besides the pants and the jacket, look at the construction and materials used to manufacture accessories like gloves, masks, or boots. The sturdier they are, the better.


Of course, aesthetics are not necessarily the priority for hunters and military personnel, but it’s always good to find attractive items you’ll enjoy wearing. Likewise, the design often affects functionality and usability, including the positions of the pockets and other details.


It’s unlikely that many multimillionaires are reading these lines, so we should mention the importance of price when buying a camo suit. In other words, set a budget and look for models within the price range. After that, compare a couple of hunting suits to separate the best from the rest.


Even though hunting might not be everyone’s cup of tea, this ancient discipline brings plenty of joy to millions worldwide. Yet, to be a successful hunter, you’ll need to combine knowledge and experience with adequate skills and equipment.

For example, the Camo Tree Hunting Suit from New View lets you blend into nature and stay out of sight as you patrol the area and seek prey. While wearing this camouflage suit, your stealth game will go to the next level, allowing you to get super close to deer, bears, rabbits, wild turkeys, ducks, or any other animal.


As you probably know, hunting sessions can get quite lengthy. There’s lots of walking, crouching, or sitting for hours waiting for the game to come towards your position. For that reason, it’s essential to buy a comfortable suit for hunting.

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that the New View Camo Tree Hunting Suit offers maximum freedom of movement because it has a relaxed fit and lightweight fabrics. For instance, the elastic waistband provides a 3-inch range of flexibility and stretchiness.


When creating the advanced Camo Tree Hunting Suit, New View opted for an ultra-quiet proprietary material to reduce noise and help with sneaking. As such, this camo suit is ideal for bowhunters looking for ways to get as close as possible to the prey.

At the same time, the Camo Tree Hunting Suit offers excellent durability because New View Hunting opted for a sturdy fabric. Thus, your new hunting companion will stay with you for years, protecting you from the elements while also keeping you concealed.


From what we’ve seen while browsing through their online shop, New View Hunting offers a rich selection of hunting clothing. Also, you get to choose from various camo patterns to suit the environment and provide better coverage.

As the name says, the Camo Tree Hunting Suit works best in forests and areas with high trees. The other two versions are Reef and Leaf, each having a specific camo pattern.


In essence, the versatile Camo Tree Hunting Suit from New View is a universal combo of jackets and pants you can use for various tasks. The set also features a face mask and gloves in the same camo pattern for extra stealth.

Believe it or not, this hunting suit comes equipped with 11 pockets strategically placed for hassle-free access. Aside from the 22.5-inch compartment on the back, all of them face the front and have extra-quiet zippers.

More precisely, you can store your hunting equipment in the two 8-inch handwarmer pockets or the two compartments on the sleeves. Likewise, the spacious chest pockets are at your disposal, alongside four zippered compartments on the legs. Overall, the Camo Tree Hunting Suit provides more than enough options for storing your knives, binoculars, flashlights, or phones.


If you are a hunting enthusiast looking to buy a new camo suit, the one from New View Hunting could be a perfect opportunity. After all, it comes at an affordable price, making it the best budget-friendly hunting suit in 2022.

Besides the jacket and pants, you’ll also get a face mask and warm gloves. After that, you’ll be ready to join any hunting expedition and enjoy spending time out in the open.