Hello. My name is Logan. I am a team member here at Gear For Life. Today’s podcast we are calling Never Lost Always Found – Dude I Want That Tile Mate. Today we’re going to be talking about this neat little device. It’s called the Tile Mate. This little device is perfect for what it was designed for. It was simply designed for if you are one of the types of people who accidentally leave things or misplace things, such as your keys, your wallets, or what have you. This would be perfect for you.

The Tile Mate easily loops onto key chains, or attaches to anything you don’t want to lose. It is really neat, the size of it. Also the things that you can use it for. You do use your smart phone to make the Tile Mate ring when it’s nearby or out of sight.

It can also find your phone. You simply double press the button on your Tile Mate, and it will make your phone go off, make it ring. Even if the phone was on silent. I know there have been a few times where I’ve misplaced my phone and not been able to find it, or not even had someone be able to call it, because I do always keep my phone on silent.

The Tile Mate is easy to use. It is a free app on the App Store, which includes the iOS market and also the Android market as well. Another really neat thing about this little device is the fact that the battery life is for one year. That is the warranty on it, that it will function for one year. There’s no need to change the batteries. There’s no need to charge. It doesn’t use any of your battery while it is not being used. It’s not one of those things where you have to always have your Bluetooth on your phone on, which would drain your battery on your phone drastically. Fortunately, it only functions whenever you need it to….Dude I want that!

Another interesting thing about the Tile Mate is that it does allow you to choose a ringtone. Right now it does come pre-set with four pre-set ringtones for you to choose from. One again, you can attach it to anything. Keys. Your phone. You can attach it to your luggage or bags. Super easy. You would need to have the Tile Mate adhesives to actually stick the Tile Mate device to any flat surface.

Like I stated earlier, it has zero upkeep, which is really nice to have, not having to worry about, “I need to make sure I have it charged just in case”. No. No worrying about charging. No worry about changing out the batteries. Like I stated, it is for one year that you’ll be able to use it for.

With the overall size of the Tile Mate, it is a little less than 1.5 inches, length and width, and about 0.18 inches in height. Very compact. Very small. Yet for the purpose of it is wonderful.

Besides the great size and the great price for this wonderful product, I’d like to go into something that was recently asked about the Tile Mate. The question was, “Will it help you find by an exact location in your house? Or does it just show you on a map?”. The Tile Mate has a direct range of 30 to 100 feet. When you’re in that range of your Tile in your house, for instance, you can use a meter that shows how close or far you are from your Tile based on the signal strength. You simply tap on the Tile icon in the app that you would download to turn the green circle into a proximity sensor. If your Tile is over 100 feet away from your phone, your app will automatically store the last place your phone and Tile were together on the map.

For instance, if you left your keys at the restaurant and you walked, and then you realized, “I don’t have my keys”, it wouldn’t show you exactly where it was, but it would show you on the map the last place that they were together….Dude I want That!

Lastly, I would like to share a story that I recently heard. A wonderful experience that a customer actually purchased this Tile Mate for. They had just recently purchased a cat, adopted a cat. It was a stray. This cat, obviously not domesticated, liked to run off. They bought this Tile Mate. Was actually able to configure it on the cat’s collar. Any time that it would run away or be in the vicinity within 100 feet, they’d know exactly where it is, and could actually track it down. Which is pretty neat and pretty innovative to use, in my opinion.

Just a reminder, the Tile Mate can be purchased as a one pack. Or if you are needing more, it can be purchased as a four pack. Or it can be purchased as an eight pack. Whenever you do decide to purchase, whether a one pack, four pack, or an eight pack, you can also choose to purchase a Tile Pocket for the Tile Mate. The Tile Pocket is specially designed to fit your Tile Mate snugly and securely. You can take this pocket, and you can iron it onto jackets, coats, blankets. Pretty much anything that you could want, you can iron that pocket on and it will be in place. It does discretely hold that Tile Mate in place.

Lastly I would just like to say, this Tile Mate is a wonderfully made product. The customer service team is amazing with it. I know personally, it has helped me in a bind many times. If you’re like me, and sometimes you misplace things, anywhere from your phone to your keys to your wallet, or even your favorite jacket, Tile Mate is a wonderful product to have, and a convenience to have when in need.

With that, guys, that pretty much wraps up today’s podcast, the Never Lost Always Found with the Tile Mate. Once again, it’s a wonderful product. If you have any questions or any concerns, please let us know. We’d be more than happy to help you. From here at Gear For Life, have a wonderful day.

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