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We All Need Old Trapper’s Big Beef Box–Pure Protein

Old Trapper Big Beef Box

Is there anything better than beef jerky? Probably not. There’s certainly nothing better for snacking when you’re on the go or out in the wild; salty, spicy, chewy, beefy – maybe a little sweet. It just doesn’t get any better than that. So what do you do when you’re an obsessive beef jerky fan who goes through it like normal people go through gallons of milk? You stick your jerky-buying on autopilot and sign up for a monthly (or bi-monthly) subscription of Old Trapper’s Big Beef Box.

We first stumbled upon Old Trapper’s delicious jerky when stocking up for an all-day MTB odyssey at the local discount grocery store; it was on sale for way less than a bag of high-end beef jerky should be, and we stocked up. Pretty sure each of us went through at least one or two bags each that day… and we certainly don’t regret it (just the salt intake). The Peppered and their Traditional Style Jerky were our favorites, and as jerky snobs, we felt they stood out from the riffraff of cheap jerkies we’ve tried.

So when we discovered the Big Beef Box during our latest search for the best beef jerky subscription box (because we’ve definitely looked that up before), let’s just say we were stoked. 14 packs of their classic beef jerky, nearly 9 pounds of meat, shipped straight to the door on schedule, at a discount? We could barely pull out our wallets fast enough.

Each Big Beef Box contains 5 packs of Old Trapper, Old-Fashioned, 4 Peppered, and 5 packs of Teriyaki. Old Trapper has been making in Oregon for over 40 years (that’s before it was cool), so you can bet that’s 10 bags of delicious.



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