Admit it: carrying a charging cable around in your pocket can be kind of annoying, especially when it has that bulky wall plug on the end. Add a portable battery pack to that and you have some serious bulk in your pockets. So how are you to keep your phone juiced up all day when you’re out and using it a lot? Easy solution: Get a charging bracelet, like the one from Infinity Links (formerly known as the Wave).

This handy little bracelet features a USB charging cable neatly wrapped up in a stylish braided leather cable, that is nearly indistinguishable from similar-looking bracelets and makes a good addition to your wardrobe (casual, of course). Hidden inside the metallic clasp, however, is a connector for plugging in your phone or device of choice; you have your pick of Micro USB, iPhone Lightning connector, or USB-C, so it works with virtually anything. The connectors are even 18k gold plated, ensuring excellent conductivity and durability for heavy use. Pretty nice for a simple charging bracelet that – at first glance – looks like nothing more than a toy.

The Infinity Links Charging Bracelet comes in both single and double loop bracelet designs and makes a nice little addition to your daily wardrobe. At $40, it’s not too badly priced, either.

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