What’s to like about nCamp Multi-Fuel Camping Stove:

  • Stainless steel & aluminum body
  • Overall weight: 29.4 ounces
  • A broad and sturdy base
  • Collapsible combustion chamber
  • Folds flat to save space
  • Compatible with various fuel types
  • Affordable price

Wise and successful people plan for the future. For instance, why not buy a camping stove as a New Year’s gift even though most outdoor adventures will have to wait for warmer weather? Why not grab discounted prices and prepare for camping or fishing expeditions during the holiday season?

Well, if this idea sounds appealing, we have the perfect product. The versatile nCamp Multi-Fuel Stove will let you cook delicious meals almost anywhere since it generates heat from various sources. Sounds exciting? Let’s check it out.


If you are not familiar with the name, we should first say a few words about nCamp. After all, this Baltimore-based company is a relative newcomer to the world of camping equipment and EDC gear.

Founded by John Cunningham and Dan Cuffaro, this brand is all about innovation and passion for the outdoors. More precisely, nCamp focuses on improving our outdoor-eating experiences by providing compact and distinctive products. In a way, the company’s goal is to reduce bulk and allow campers, climbers, or hunters to travel light and hassle-free. The small-sized nCamp Multi-Fuel Stove is the perfect example of this philosophy.


Even though camping stoves like nCamp Multi-Fuel are ideal for active people, not every outdoor stove will offer the same quality. For that reason, buyers should evaluate the following aspects before splashing the cash on a new camping stove.


First, look at the design to find the most compact and the most convenient model. After all, the best camping stoves are flexible and space-saving, allowing for effortless transport from one place to another.


Portability is essential for camping stoves, but the same goes for durability. Thus, look for models with lightweight yet resilient materials. For instance, the high-quality nCamp Multi-Fuel stove features a combo of stainless steel and airplane-grade aluminum.



Finding the best heat source can be tricky because the market offers plenty of possibilities. The goal is to find the most efficient option while ensuring constant heat supply. For example, many camping stoves use wood or gas, while others “consume” liquid fuels or hexamine tablets.


Last but not least, buyers should consider the cost because high-end camping stoves can come with a hefty price tag. However, most budget-friendly camping stoves will get the job done equally well. So, the idea is to look for affordable models that will provide the best bang for your buck.


As the name suggests, the innovative nCamp stove boasts a versatile and flexible heating system. Since this model accepts several fuel types, users adapt to the circumstances and cook the food using wood, gas, or liquid fuels.

In essence, the concept focuses on mobility and ease of use while allowing you to switch between fuel types seamlessly.


We already mentioned that nCamp combines a passion for the outdoors with innovation and modern technologies. Hence, the nCamp Multi-Fuel Camping Stove features a travel-ready design with several eye-catching features.

Primarily, this outdoor stove comes equipped with a spacious combustion chamber located in the middle of the flat upper area. Moreover, this collapsible compartment features triangle-shaped vents to promote airflow and start a fire within seconds. So, by using twigs and smaller branches from a forest, this stove will quickly get ready to boil a nice cup of coffee.


Outdoor gear and EDC equipment must be extra-durable to survive years of wear and tear. The same goes for the best camping stoves, including the cool-looking nCamp Multi-Fuel Stove.

Namely, this model features a premium stainless steel cooktop with a stable aluminum base. Interestingly, the Multi-Fuel stove has no handles, so you’ll have to pay extra attention when touching the hot steel. Even so, it’s easy to see that nCamp opted for the best materials, boosting the longevity of this rugged outdoor stove.


Besides durability and resilience, outdoor gear should also be as efficient and space-saving as possible. In other words, EDC gear and camping essentials should fit into any backpack. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that nCamp Multi-Fuel Stove also follows the idea of compactness, given that it comes with a collapsible combustion chamber and folding legs.

Overall, this camping stove weighs 29.4 ounces, allowing you to carry it around easily. Believe it or not, the stove’s height is only 1.5 inches after folding the legs. As a result, the convenient nCamp Multi-Fuel Stove will cause no bulk to your camping backpack. Of course, upon arriving at the campsite, the legs will raise the cooktop to around 6.3 inches.


From what we’ve seen from our in-depth nCamp Multi-Fuel Stove review, this camping stove ticks all boxes for being one of the best. Only a handful of outdoor stoves provide the same functionality and convenience while remaining affordable and wallet-friendly.

To be precise, the nCamp Multi-Fuel Stove costs only $62, which is lower than the price of most top-rated camping stoves. In addition, this model offers unrivaled portability and compactness, given that it comes equipped with collapsible elements.

Most importantly, the innovative Multi-Fuel stove is compatible with various heat sources, including wood, gas, hexamine tablets, or even liquid fuels like alcohol. So, if you are an outdoorsy person, what more could you need?