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Navis Mysterium Is The Croatian Wine Aged Underwater

Navis Mysterium Croatian Wine

If you are looking to try what must be THE most unique bottle of wine ever, get yourself over to Croatia and find a bottle of Navis Mysterium. This 2-year old wine isn’t just aged in barrels. It’s aged underwater. Like, in-the-Adriatic Sea underwater.

Navis Mysterium: Made with Ancient Tradition

Navis Mysterium Wine 2

Yes, you read that right. Navis Mysterium is the latest – and perhaps finest – wine from Edivo Winery, located on Croatia’s Pelješac Peninsula, which juts out into the Adriatic Sea and one of Croatia’s own many veritable Wine regions. The Mediterranean climate and geography that defines this peninsula is a prime place for growing some fine grapes, and many distinctly Croatian wines come out the region – such as Dingac and Plavac Mali.

But being one of the world’s best natural wine-growing regions apparently isn’t enough for many of the country’s winemakers, including Edivo. Because they decided to do something never done before and age their wines 18 to 25 meters under the Adriatic Sea.

Here’s how it works: After bottling each bottle of Navis Mysterium, the winery seals it in a traditional clay amphora – a piece that goes all the way back to ancient Greek days – and then lowers it carefully into a well-controlled spot is the Adriatic off the island of Pag.

As any good wino knows, this delicate beverage needs some exact conditions for safe and proper aging.  safely That includes factors like the perfect temperature (between 8 and 16 degrees Celsius) and no direct contact with sunlight. As it turns out, this spot right off the coast perfectly meets those criteria.

Navis Mysterium Wine

The bottle spends the next 1.5 to 2 years aging comfortably in its amphora, which collects algae, seaweed and even shells. And because terroir influences every wine somewhat, ocean currents and pressure leave their own slight impressions.

Straight From the Deep

When it’s done and ready for consumption, the winery leaves that amphora exactly as is – with all it’s natural artifacts. They box it up and sell it to you, the underwater-wine-enthusiast.

Special sealing and a lot of precision care are absolutely needed to age Navis Mysterium safely. But we imagine every single bottle is worth the wait.

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