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Native Union Drop: Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger With Style

Native Union Drop Wireless Phone Charger

We love charging our phones wirelessly. It’s easier and more convenient than using a conventional charging cable, and the chargers themselves look pretty snazzy. Of course, there will still be some kind of cable running from the outlet to the charger, but with a wireless charger, the whole operation is just that much simpler. Latest pick for a stylish charger that looks great in your home? The Native Union Drop.

This stylish wireless charger is made of aircraft-grade aluminum but with a handy and sleek silicone grip fabric on top of the charging unit, ensuring your phone stays firmly in place, and allowing it to cool and prevent overheating. It gives the device a unique bit of class that helps it stand out from other chargers. A USB-C to USB-A 6.5 foot braided charging cable is included.

It works with iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy, etc, and any other device that is Qi-enabled – Nokia, LG Lucid, whatever. With an output of 10W, you’re not going to be fast-charging anything, but it won’t take all day either. A USB-C to USB, 6.5-foot long, braided charging cable is include, with an integrated leather strap that lets you adjust the cable or wrap it up into a neat package.

And as it is Qi-enabled, the Native Union Drop can actually charge through your phone case; in this case (excuse the pun), cases up to 3mm thick. Which is most thinner cases; don’t bet on charging through your Otterbox.

Ultra-thin. Goes well on the desk or coffee table. Works with most phones. What’s not to like? The Drop is out now.

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