If your first thought upon seeing these pants was, “are they made of paper?” Well, we asked the same thing. But no, these pants don’t use paper, but rather a blend of cotton, nylon and polyester that’s light, flexible and breathable…but also doesn’t compromise fashion sense. That’s because Native North is a Danish company, and they put just as much value on style as they do on sportiness and utility.

Native-North-Toro-Paper-Pant3The Toro Paper Pant are travel pants with a sense of streetwear. They’re casual enough to wear around town, catching a flight or on the trail, but neat enough for wearing out to dinner or drinks. With deep front pockets and two back pockets, they have plenty of room to stash all your EDC essentials when traveling or just going about daily life. An internal waistbelt means you can adjust to a perfect comfortable fit, no matter your waist size. Tuck that belt in and you’re ready to go out and tackle the day. Native-North-Toro-Paper-Pant2

The fabric isn’t paper thin, by any means, but it’s light and airy – enough to keep you cool and comfortable during almost any activity. Grab a pair of these stylish trousers and you’ll be traveling and exercising in confidence and style. No matter the time, place or  weather.