What on earth is a self-healing tent? The Nano Cure uses a lightweight, water-resistant nylon fabric that is double-coated on either side, to create a self-healing, self-patching material; simply rub your fingers over the hole, and your body heat will actually cause it…. heal itself right in front of your own eyes. How cool is that?

Obviously this only works for very small punctures or tears; for massive cuts and slices…it isn’t going to do much. But this is a truly handy way of eliminating the need for a repair kit, and you can rest-assured those tiny leaks and holes won’t ruin your overnight trip.

On a less-innovate side, the Nano Cure is a good all-around camping tent – it fits 4, measures 9 ft by 7.5 feet and 5.5 feet tall, has the afore-mentioned nylon ripstop build, a rain-fly and canopy, and mesh vents and windows. It’s huge and spacious and weighs a hefty 8 pounds (for ultralite backpacking, this is not). They also boast of its easy 3 Minute Setup.

But pitching this bad boy for a weekend with a few friends, without fear of leaks or holes…looks like a promising time. You can pick one up by backing them on Kickstarter, where the tent starts at $200. Pitch in enough, and they’ll even send your their original Nano Cure windbreaker and hammock.

NanoCureTent Imperial-Motion-Nano-Cure-Tent Imperial-Motion-Nano-Cure-Tent-2 Imperial-Motion-Nano-Cure-Tent-3 Imperial-Motion-Nano-Cure-Tent-4