What’s to like about Naglev Unico Hiker shoes:

  • Durable one-piece Kevlar upper
  • Interior wool sock-like liner
  • Supportive footbed and EVA midsole
  • Rubber compound outsole
  • Waterproof and abrasion-resistant
  • Integrated, adjustable laces
  • Free US shipping & free returns

Outdoor explorations require specialized gear and equipment, primarily footwear. For instance, hiking or trail running without proper shoes can be risky and painful.

For that reason, we scoured the web to find the best shoes for hiking, trail running, or any other outdoor activity. While doing so, we noticed that Naglev Unico Hiker shoes received plenty of five-star reviews, triggering our need to see how they behave in action.

So, here’s what we learned about these impressive hiking shoes after conquering miles of rugged terrain.


The chances are you’re not familiar with Naglev, or you might mistake this brand with the famous high-speed train system (Maglev). Thus, we should say a few words about the company before focusing on the actual hiking shoes.

Naglev is a family-owned Italian company specializing in making high-end outdoor footwear. Over six generations, the Morlin family has taken care of the brand, slowly growing its fan base. Nowadays, Naglev has a global audience, attracting customers who appreciate the combination of technological innovation and traditional designs.


As we said, hiking without adequate footwear entails a significant risk of ankle injuries, bruises, or blisters. Yet, finding high-quality hiking shoes at an affordable price can be easier said than done.

So, to nudge you in the right direction, here’s what to check when buying a new pair of hiking shoes.


Landing awkwardly and twisting your ankle in the middle of nowhere can be life-threatening, so it’s essential to find supportive shoes for hiking or trail running. Therefore, look at the overall design and see if the boots cradle your foot and provide stability on rugged terrain.


After a while, outdoor activities will leave a mark on even the most rugged hiking boots. For that reason, it’s crucial to choose the most resilient models to outperform the rest. If you opt for a well-built and durable shoe, you’ll get a long-lasting companion, ready to tackle rain, mud, or rocky terrain.


Speaking of inhospitable terrain, we should also mention the importance of comfort for a quality hiking shoe. In other words, buyers should compare several models to find the optimal stiffness and choose a shoe with sufficient cushioning.


Finally, hikers and trail runners should glance at the price tag before splashing the cash on a new pair of shoes for outdoor sessions. After all, premium brands sell their hiking shoes at hefty prices, but most users will break personal records and conquer new trails with budget-friendly hiking shoes. Again, the best course of action is to compare several models before purchasing.


We all know that Italian shoes reign supreme in men’s fashion and lifestyle. Yet, many doubted Naglev’s vision and the idea to conquer the outdoor footwear market by making indestructible shoes.

Together with Naglev Combat WP, the Unico Hiker model attracted plenty of attention because these shoes offer top-notch support, maximum agility, and a sleek design. What more could you need?


Naglev Unico Hiker’s selling point is the award-winning Kevlar upper, so we’ll start from there. We’ve all heard about Kevlar, mainly from Hollywood blockbusters, and this heat-resistant synthetic fabric needs no introduction.

Believe it or not, Naglev opted for a one-piece Kevlar upper for the Unico Hiker shoes. As a result, these versatile shoes for hiking or trail running are unlike any other, with almost no weak points.

The seamless construction creates a solid unit, cradling the foot and wrapping it in a durable yet lightweight material. In addition, Naglev Unico Hiker shoes feature a rubber compound outsole with a lug pattern for a secure grip in any terrain.


The world Kevlar might lead you into thinking that these hiking shoes are extra stiff or uncomfortable, which couldn’t be further from the truth. From what we’ve seen, Naglev Unico Hiker is up there with the best shoes for trail running because it provides top-drawer comfort.

The secret lies in the supportive EVA midsole with dual-density cushions for relaxing all-day wear. Likewise, the footbed features coconut fibers and tanned leather to mold to your foot’s shape and reduce discomfort.

Of course, the vital element of these hiking shoes is the interior wool sock-like liner. In essence, this glove-like insert is there to wick moisture away from the foot and provide breathability. At the same time, wool offers excellent heat retention, making the Unico Hiker shoes warm and comfy during winter hikes and expeditions.


Since the Naglev Unico Hiker model is 100% water-resistant, you’ll have no problems going through puddles and streams with these hiking shoes. Also, the rubber outsole features a rugged pattern for a solid grip in muddy or slippery conditions.

For that reason, Unico Hiker from Naglev is a versatile, multi-sport shoe that will meet many users’ needs. We should also mention the integrated speed-cable laces that will survive plenty of wear and tear. More importantly, they offer an adjustable fit and on-the-fly replacement.

The rugged Kevlar upper can also take a beating, making these hiking shoes resistant to oil, grease, or abrasion. Thus, the award-winning Naglev Unico Hiker can be an ideal option for campers, hunters, or weekend warriors looking for a dependable outdoor shoe.


Outdoor sports and the Italian shoemaking tradition are not typical matches, but they can work together successfully. The cool-looking Naglev Unico Hiker is the perfect example, given that these Italian shoes are among the best outdoor shoes in 2022.

Admittedly, Unico Hiker comes at a hefty price, but these lightweight shoes for hiking or trail running are a safe bet if you are looking for quality. In other words, Naglev Unico Hiker is worth every penny.